Classic Liquorice

Our Original Liquorice Range including traditional black liquorice and classic strawberry liquorice.

Kookaburra's black and strawberry liquorice products were the first soft eating, Aussie style liquorice to arrive in the USA. 

Our black liquorice is full flavored and aromatic, with the distinctive taste of real liquorice root and is 98% fat free!

Our strawberry liquorice offers a sweet berry taste and Kookaburra's renowned soft eating texture and is 97% fat free!

Both traditional black and classic strawberry liquorices are available in a 10oz gussetted resealable bag, 12oz tub, 8oz chapel box, 2oz snack bag, and jumbo 15.4lb bulk case.               Made in Australia.

Indulge today!

Raspberry Licorice Bar - 85g

CODE: 903

In stock

Kookaburra's yummy raspberry licorice in a fun licorice bar!

Traditional Black Liquorice Bag 10oz

CODE: 300

In stock

Kookaburra's Best Selling Product - 10oz Black Licorice Bag!

Old Fashioned Red Liquorice Bag 10oz (Australian)

CODE: 301

In stock

A Kookaburra favorite - 10oz Strawberry Licorice Bag!

Traditional Black Liquorice Tub 12oz

CODE: 200

In stock

Kookaburra's bestselling black licorice in a 12oz tub!


Old Fashioned Red Liquorice Tub 12oz (Australian)

CODE: 201

In stock

12oz Classic Strawberry licorice resealable tub

Natural Raspberry Liquorice Tub 12oz (Australian)

CODE: 206

$7.50   $5.00
In stock

12oz Natural Raspberry Licorice resealable tub

Traditional Black Liquorice Chapel Box 8oz

CODE: 603

In stock

Kookaburra's bestselling black licorice in an 8oz chapel gift box!


Classic Strawberry Liquorice Chapel Box 8oz

CODE: 604

In stock

8oz Classic Strawberry licorice in a chapel gift box!

Traditional Black Liquorice Bulk Case 15.4 lb

CODE: 100

In stock

Kookaburra's bestselling black licorice in a jumbo 15.4lb bulk case!

Traditional Black Liquorice Bulk Cello Bag, 1.925 lbs

CODE: 100C

In stock

Kookaburra's bestselling black licorice in a 1.925 bulk cello bag!