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Date added: 02/26/2012 Healthy Sweet Treats

Healthy Sweet Treats!


February is often called the healthy month of the year. Why? Well, after the silly season has passed with the usual indulgences in bountiful Thanksgiving dinners, yummy Christmas treats and a few too many celebratory drinks on New Year’s Eve, many people are looking to boost their health and perhaps lose a few pounds.

Forget the special diets, cleanses and shakes! The healthiest way to lose weight and improve your health is a balanced diet and regular exercise, and treating yourself in moderation. The best thing about Kookaburra Liquorice? Our favourite Australian liquorice products are super low on calories and make a thoroughly enjoyable treat that fits right into your healthy eating plan!

Just compare Kookaburra’s low calorie treats to some of your other favourite snacks:


Kookaburra Liquorice Traditional Black Liquorice – 92 calories per ounce

Kookaburra Liquorice Classic Strawberry Liquorice – 80 calories per ounce

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Snack Size – 150 calories per ounce

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Belly Beans – 117 calories per ounce

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream Chocolate Bar – 146 calories per ounce


Did you know that it would take 42 minutes of walking to burn 150 calories? So the next time you reach for a sweet bite, remember that the yummy Australian liquorice at Kookaburra is a fun and tasty low cal option! Click here to visit our Nutritional Page and find out which liquorice is best for your healthy eating plan.


What’s your favorite flavor of Kookaburra Liquorice?


*All calorie counts sourced from www.calorieking.com



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