Sweet Mango Liquorice

Kookaburra's soft sweet Mango liquorice is the taste of summer and the perfect snack!

Aussies love their home-grown juicy mangoes and Kookaburra Mango Liquorice is just divine.

Available in a 10oz resealable guessetted bag, 12oz tub and generous 15.4lb bulk case. Made in Australia.

Try the taste of an Aussie summer today!

Sweet Mango Liquorice Bag 7oz

CODE: 311

$4.50   $3.99
In stock
Sweet mango licorice in a 7oz resealable gusseted bag

Sweet Mango Liquorice Tub 12oz

CODE: 212

$7.50   $5.00
In stock

Sweet mango licorice in a 12oz resealable tub!