Lingo Down Under

The founders of Kookaburra Licorice are a couple of fun loving Aussie men who grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Australia has a unique, quirky and downright cheeky local language that Aussies love. So we thought we’d share some of the fun:


Aussie Classics:

Crikey! Goodness Me!

Fair Dinkum: True, Genuine

True Blue: Patriotic

Fair Go: A Chance

Bonzer: Great

Aussie Salute: Brush Flies Away



Lollies: Candy

Tucker: Food

Smoko: Coffee Break

Coldie: Cold Beer

Esky: Cooler

Snag: Sausage

Sanger: Sandwich

Billy: Teapot



Bloke: Man, Guy

Sheila: Woman

Mate, Cobber: Friend, Buddy

Ankle Biter: Small Child



G’Day: Hello!

Hooroo: Good bye



Mozzie: Mosquito

Brumby: Wild Horse

Chook: Chicken



OZ: Australia

Billabong: Water Hole

Sunnies: Sunglasses

Sickie: Day Off

Bluey: Redhead

Gone Walkabout: Can’t Be Found

Galah: Fool

Porky: Lie, Untruth